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Could Lockdown Gardening Worsen Back Pain?

Office work has been to blame for backpain for several years, as a result of having to sit at the computer for hours on end. However, many people are coming to realise that lockdown restrictions are also not beneficial to back problems, whether they are having to work from home or spend hours in their […]

Mindfulness Linked To Fewer Football Injuries

Footballers are more likely to start practising mindfulness after research showed those who regularly took part in the meditative sessions were less likely to injure themselves. Abertay University’s sports scientists conducted a study that looked at two groups of 80 young male elite football players. The test group was made to learn mindfulness techniques before […]

Protecting Your Posture While Home Working

With growing numbers of people now working from home because of the lockdown and social distancing measures, introduced to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, it’s important that you make sure the infrastructure you have at home is fit for purpose or you could really do your body some damage. It’s essential that you consider […]

How To Prevent Injuries When Running

Gym-goers have had to swap the type of exercise they normally take part in, thanks to the country’s recent lockdown. This has resulted in many people ditching weights and spinning bikes for old-fashioned running. However, without knowing what they are doing, this could lead to all sorts of injuries. Over the last week, gyms all […]

60,000 Australians Hospitalised By Sport

A report released from the Australian Institute Of Health and Welfare (AIHW) has revealed that almost 60,000 Australians were taken to the hospital through playing sport in 2016-17, reports the Daily Mail. It also revealed that men are twice as likely to be hospitalised due to sport than women and that fractures were the most […]

6 Different Types of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can be a transformative experience, no matter when in life you take advantage of it. You might be surprised at the kind of impact that physical therapy can have, but it’s a discipline that’s been developed over many years, and physical therapists are able to help in many different ways, with many different […]

How To Stretch To Avoid Injury

Most people who take part in regular physical activity know the importance of stretching their muscles to avoid injuring themselves. However, it is not as simple as doing a few token lunges and squats to warm your muscles up. In fact, when and how you stretch can make all the difference in getting your body […]

What Is Soft Tissue Manipulation?

Going to your Maidenhead physio centre for soft tissue manipulation for the first time can be quite nerve-wracking, as you may not know what to expect… and if you’re in pain for whatever reason, you may be feeling anxious about your level of discomfort as your practitioner oves the affected tissue. There’s really nothing to […]

How To Avoid Injury When Launching New Healthy Lifestyle

It is the start of the new year, which is the time when many people try to become healthier, ditching the Christmas chocolates in favour of a membership at the gym. Indeed, exercising more is one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions, with half of those surveyed saying this was their goal for 2020, […]