Shall I or Shall I not stretch my Hamstring?

Shall I or Shall I not stretch my Hamstring?

Hamstring stretches seem to be one of the most popular stretches we all do. Most of us have done them at some point in our lives. The truth is in some cases the Hamstring Stretches will be no benefit to us or even can hinder the recovery…

If the muscle is genuinely shortened, then stretching exercises are helpful. If the Hamstring is already over-lengthened, then further stretching will aggravate it further. Why does the Hamstring get over-lengthened? When the strength ratio between Hamstring and Quadriceps tips to the favour of Quadriceps the pelvis tilts forward.

This elevates the origin point of Hamstring and elongates it. If we then run with an already lengthened Hamstring it will get over-stretched even further and will be causing pain. To manage the over-lengthened Hamstring we need to lengthen the quadriceps muscles, Strengthen the core muscles and the Hamstring.

If you are unsure how to manage your sore Hamstring please get in touch with us.

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